Earn more with our Trading Robots

Would you like to obtain comfortable passive income and / or diversify your investments, without it being time-consuming, without psychological pressure, and even without knowledge of the stock market or programming?

In Trading robots represent an ideal solution, judge for yourself:

Presentation of our trading robots

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Video script Presentation of our trading robots

Are you tired of receiving paltry interest?
You would like to profit from the stock market, but you don't have the necessary knowledge or you don't have the time to take care of it? Maybe you fear crashes and unfortunate investments or perhaps you want to diversify your investments?
Rest assured : we have the solution for you!
Did you know that it is quite possible to speculate on the stock market, without having to do anything, without special knowledge and generate comfortable income?
No it's not a dream, nor a scam, but a solution!
How? Thanks to the algorithms we have developed and which scan the CAC or DAX to automatically buy and sell, without human intervention.
It is the best investment for make your money grow!
The 1-year performance page gives you precise information.
Interested? Hurry up, because our engines are sold in limited quantities at the prices currently offered.

How our trading robots work


Youtube link -  click here - so that you can put a subtitle in your language in the video - how to do ? -.

Links: Our algorithms are coded with the module ProOrder of the platform ProRealTime, via the Bank IG Bank.
Note: We are not affiliated with ProRealTime and / or IG Bank and do not receive any commission from them.
CAC: France 40 Cash (€ 1) - CAC - Index of the 40 most representative French stocks on the market.
CFD: A CFD is a derivative product that makes it easy and inexpensive to speculate on various financial instruments.
DAX: Germany 30 Cash (€ 1) - DAX - Index of the 30 most representative German stocks on the market.
Overnight: If a position is held at the close of the session (usually 23:00 PM) overnight funding fees may be applied based on the total value of the position.

Video script How our trading robots work


  • Our algorithms are coded with the ProOrder module of the ProRealTime software, via Banque IG Bank. They buy and sell completely automatically.
  • Our engines are scanning the market CAC or DAX and make their decisions objectively, following exactly the established strategy.
  • You don't need any knowledge on the stock market or in programming and our engines will be active even when your computer is turned off.

Advantages of our engines

  • Speculating on the stock market using our algorithms represents a welcome diversification if you are tired of receiving paltry interest.
  • Psychological biases often play a role very bad tricks to speculators. With our engines, this risk does not exist.
  • All positions taken are closed on the same day in order to not to have to pay overnight funding fees.
  • This also avoids any gap that may occur during the night or on weekends.
  • Thanks to the advantages of CFDs it's easy to earn more. We show you how on the page Win +


Principle of the strategy


  • If certain conditions are met, the robot will place a short term buy or short order. against the direction of the main trend.
  • This is a very effective strategy, because the stock market range most of the time.
  • Investors who use trend following strategies have to take many small losses before they can make a big profit. This method, which is also very effective, has the disadvantage of requiring a lot of composure.
  • Our trading robots are equipped with a take Profit (upper) and a Stop Loss (lower) to close trades. Although under certain conditions these will be closed more quickly.
  • They are active during the normal opening hours of the stock exchange, from 9:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. It was during this period that the spread is the cheapest and that the volatility is the highest.
  • Our trading engines are based on candles at 30 minutes. It has nothing to do with high frequency trading which, for its part, processes thousands of transactions per second, and which is reserved for specialized companies which must be able to trade with very large sums of money. Those are ces robots that have a bad press, and for good reason, since they tend to artificially change the price of the financial instruments they trade in order to profit from them.


Details on our algorithms


  • Our trading engines use the Supertrend> indicator and a Moving average to detect the direction of the main trend.
  • They use the Bollinger Bands and the Stochastic Oscillator to detect trend reversals.
  • They leverage ADX and ADXR to gauge the strength of the trend.
  • They refer to various Indicators to filter out trades that can be potentially dangerous.
  • They use other Indicators to stop the trade earlier depending on the price trend.
  • They sometimes activate a trailing Stop Loss.
  • Our robots are all equipped with a Take Profit (higher) and a Stop Loss (lower).


What are these Technical Indicators used for?

  • ADX et ADXR : they measure the capacity to move the price outside the variations of a previous period.
  • Bollinger bands : they are used to indicate overbought and oversold levels. They indicate whether the market is calm or volatile.
  • Moving average : they display the average value of a price over a given period. They have the effect of smoothing prices.
  • stochastics : it is an oscillator which reveals areas of over-buying and over-selling.
  • Supertrend : it moves above or below prices depending on the trend. It effectively filters the small movements of the course.