Earn more with our trading robots

Would you like to obtain comfortable passive income and / or diversify your investments, without this being time-consuming, without psychological pressure, and even without knowledge of the stock market or programming?

Our trading robots with their original algorithms represent an ideal solution to profit from the stock market. Judge by yourself :

Video presentation

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Video script Presentation of our trading robots

Are you tired of receiving paltry interest?
Would you like to take advantage of the stock market, but you do not have the necessary knowledge or you do not have the time to deal with it? Perhaps you fear crashes and unfortunate investments or perhaps you want to diversify your investments?
Rest assured: we have the solution for you!
Do you know that it is quite possible to speculate on the stock market, without having to do anything, without special knowledge and to generate comfortable income?
No, this is not a dream, nor a scam, but a solution!
How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to the algorithms we have developed and which scan the CAC or DAX to buy and sell automatically, without human intervention.
It is the best investment to make your money grow!
The page Performance over 1 year gives you precise information.
Interested? Hurry, because our engines are sold in limited quantities at the prices currently offered.

How our trading robots work

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Remark : We are not affiliated with ProRealTime and / or IG Bank and do not receive any commission from them.

CAC : France 40 Cash (€ 1) - CAC - Index of the 40 most representative French stocks on the market.
CFD : A CFD is a derivative product that allows you to easily and cheaply speculate on various financial instruments.
DAX : Germany 30 Cash (€ 1) - DAX - Index of the 30 most representative German stocks on the market.
Overnight: If a position is held at the close of the session (usually 23:00 PM) overnight funding fees may be applied based on the total value of the position.

Video script How our trading robots work
Our algorithms are coded with the ProOrder module of the ProRealTime software, via Banque IG Bank. They buy and sell completely automatically.
Our engines scrutinize the CAC or DAX market and make their decisions objectively, following exactly the established strategy.
You don't need any knowledge of the stock market or programming and our engines will be active even when your computer is turned off.

Advantages of our engines

Speculating on the stock market using our algorithms is a welcome diversification if you are tired of receiving paltry interest.
Psychological biases often play very bad tricks on speculators. With our engines, this risk does not exist.
All positions taken are closed on the same day so that you do not have to pay overnight funding fees.
This also avoids any gap that may occur during the night or on weekends.
Thanks to the advantages of CFDs it is easy to earn more. We show you how on the page Win +.